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Product information:

The Ztrains ZTR-251 can come in very handy if you want to run a large number of LEDs.
Includes 12-Output Ports for twelve LED Plugs.

Product information:

This distribution box provides a tidy and secure way to plug in 12 of your single LEDs, or combined with the Ztrains LED kits, when powered from either a Rokuhan controller accessory port, or from the Ztrains ZTR-250 Standalone LED Power Supply. With 6 jacks per side, this box gives your plugs a secure press-fit.

Most model train power supplies are rated at 12VDC, 1A. This means they can power between 40 and 50 LEDs each (not including any power the trains themselves draw) when using the Rokuhan controller accessory port. If you’re going to be using more LEDs than this, you can pick up the Ztrains ZTR-250 Standalone LED Power Supply to light up another 40 or 50 LEDs!