This kit features: Precision laser cut parts including peel-n-stick backed windows for easy assembly.--- Precision pewter castings.--- High resolution graphics.--- Easy to assemble tab and slot construction.--- Do you remember the last time you were headed out of a small town and just before you got to the city limits there was an old worn out sign that said “last gas for 100 miles - 3 mile ahead”? Then, sure enough, after a few short miles, you came across an old gas station with a nearby house that looked like it had been there longer than the road itself...If so, welcome to Fred’s One Stop. It’s absolutely the last place on your way out of town where you can fill-up with gas, check the oil and tires, or maybe pick up a soft drink and a snack to make your trip just a bit more pleasurable. If you’ve got time, and are so inclined, you might even spend a few minutes talking to Fred over a game of checkers about the latest news in town, like the cat that was stuck up a tree for so long that the local firemen had to actually rescue it. Or maybe just rest in the shade while the kids play a quick game of horseshoes. Make Fred’s the last place you stop before getting to wherever it is you’re going. This finished structure measures 3.5" by 2.25."

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