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UP ES44AC Locomotive. Rd# 8070





GN SD45 Locomotive

Great Northern SD45. Rd# 409 DCC Ready.



Northern Pacific F3A & F3B Set

AZL Northern Pacific F3 Phase 2 F3A & F3B Set. Both are powered. Rd# 6504A and 6504B



NP Alco RS-3

Northern Pacific RS3 #861 AZL is excited to announce an ALCO RS3 locomotives! These popular locomotives feature a 7.5mm coreless motor, dual flywheels, traction tires, built in pilot, directional controller LEDs, body mount couplers. The coupler box is screwed in placed. The first release is Northern Pacific. The NP’s prototype details include: Phase III Body, corner stacked number boards, ALCO AAR Trucks, nose mounted bell, 3 chime airhorn mounted on the cab roof, crosswise smokestack and 1,400 gallon fuel tank.



Milwaukee Road F7 A-B Set

The EMD Fs feature AZL's 7mm motor, dual flywheels, prototype specific details, directional controlled LED lighting, optional front truck with mounted coupler, blackened metal wheels, AutoLatch couplers and they come DCC ready.



Z-Rolling Stock

Amtrak Superliner Phase lVb 4-Car Set

Cars are Sleeping Car 32007, Dining Car 38016, Coach Car 34004, Coach Car 34039



Northern Pacific 50' Box Car

NP 50' Standard Box Car, Single Door. Built 1955. Bettendorf Trucks. Rd# NP 1130 Region: West Era: 1950s-1960s



Northern Pacific 50' Box Car

NP 50' Standard Box Car, Single Door. Built 1955. Bettendorf Trucks. Rd# NP 1168 Region: West Era: 1950s-1960s



2021 Micro-Mouse Christmas Car

60' Box Car, Excess Height, Double Plug Doors, Rivet Side.



Halloween Box Car

50' Standard Box Car With Plug Door. Runs On Roller Bearing Trucks.




Z-Oval Starter Track

Rokuhan Oval Starter Set



Z-Feeder Track

Feeder Track With Electric Clip & Wire.



Train DVD's

Big Boy Back in Steam

Watch the No. 4014's triumphant return to service in 2019 as part of the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike. Running time 120 minutes



Return Of The Big Boy

UP 4014 & The Great Race To Ogden. 1 hour 25 minutes



Big Boy 4014 West

Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" number 4014 makes it's first runs since 1959 in May of 2019 from Cheyenne Wyoming to Ogden Utah on home rails for thousands to see. 84 Minutes



Z-Train Sets

Rokuhan Z Shorty Mine Layout Set

1x Mini-layout body 1x Z-Shorty, KIHA52 diesel car,chassis with motor is pre-installed) 2x Straight track L55mm without track bed 2x Curved track R45-180 without track bed 1x Tree Printed figures, warehouse, Cows & Crossings, which can be used as figures on the Layout (Above listed tracks are pre-installed on the Layout)



Z Shorty Mini Layout Scenery Set

THIS IS AN ADD ON SET for the SS001-1, DOES NOT INCLUDE TRACK, TRAINS OR STAND Set contains: 1 x Metal roof farmer house 1 x Plastic Layout cover 1 Bag Each: Green Powder (dark green, brown & light green) 2 x Cow 2 x Tree (dark green, green & green) 1 Bag Each: Foilage (dark green, green & light green) 1 x Ballast (gray) 1 x Long Fence 2 x Crossing (Japan type) About the NEW Z Shorty series of trains… *Z Shorty length is almost half-size of original Z scale railroad cars! *Highly detailed appearance! *Some feature etched metal parts *Z Shorty can run on regular Z scale Rokuhan tracks with motor, chassis and trailer chassis (sold separately). *Smallest track size (160mm x 110 mm with R45 curved tracks)



Z-Runner Packs

Northern Pacific Passenger Set

Northern Pacific Four Car Passenger Set. 3-83' Lightweight Smoothside Passenger Coach Cars. 1-83' Modernized Heavyweight Business Car. Coach Cars Built 1946. Runs on Lightweight Passenger Trucks. Rd# 505,508,514. Modernized Business Car Built 1924. Runs on 6-Wheel Commonwealth Trucks. Rd# Gallatin River



Train Flash Cards

Big Boy Western Steam Giants Flashcards

Impressive Facts, Stunning Photography, and Thrilling Trivia. 36 Cards. Card Size 4"x6"



Powerful Locomotives Flashcards

Impressive Facts, Stunning Photography, and Thrilling Trivia. 36 Cards. Card Size 4"X6"



Legendary Locomotive Postcards

This postcard set includes: 50 premium quality 4" x 6" card matte finish postcards, each featuring a different vibrantly-colored locomotive Stunning full-color photography



Train Simulator Games

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2010

Build the layout of your dreams or run the 9 built in ones. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless with 2010 Engineers Edition. Enjoy! Minimum: Windows XP (SP3) 1GB RAM, 3.4GHz, nVidia GeForce 7200/128MB, 15GB Hard Drive Space, DirectX9.0, 2 disc DVD-ROM with manual and product key code.



Trainz Railroad Simulator 2012

TRS2012 with multiplayer so you can play with people allover the world. Build the layout of your dreams or run the 8 built in ones. The choice is yours. Specs: Windows XP(SP3) 3.4GHz, nVidia 7200/128MB, 15GB of free HD Space, DirectX 9.0 Enjoy! 2 disc DVD-ROM with manual and product key code.



N-Runner Packs & Cars

Northern Pacific Heavyweight 5-Pack

70' Baggage Car, 70' Mail Baggage Car, 3 10-1-2 Sleeping Cars. Road # 1513,1440,704,708,717



Great Northern Caboose Pack

Built 1941. Bettendorf Swing Trucks. Rd. # X204, X242 Era: 1950s - 1960s



GN Weathered 2-Pack

Top Car: 50' Standard Box Car, Plug door. Built 1964. Runs on Roller Bearing Trucks. Rd# GN 36809 Bottom Car: 40' Standard Box Car , Single Door, w/o Roofwalk. Built 1940s. Runs on Roller Bearing trucks. Rd# GN 2549



Northern Pacific 50' Gondola

NP 50' Steel, 14 Panel, Fixed End gondola, Low Cover. Built 1965. Runs On Barber Roller Bearing Trucks. Rd# NP 57515 Region: Northern Era: 1965-1970s



Great Northern 8-Car Pack

40' Standard Box Car., Single Door. Built 1944. Runs On Bettendorf Trucks. Rd# 44414, 44416, 44419, 44422, 44427, 44429, 44432, 44439 Region: West Era: 1944-1960s Retail $219.95



BNSF 25th Anniversary Car

60' high-cube box car with single sliding door. Rd# 9520



Books And Magazine DVD's

Great Model Railroads DVD

Be sure to check DVD specs to be sure your pc will run these discs. Will not play in stand alone DVD players. For pc DVD Drive Only! No Refunds On Software.




Route 66 Cafe

The kit features: Precision laser cut parts including peel-and-stick backed windows for easy assembly. Pewter metal casting details to add character. High resolution graphics. Waterslide Decals. Easy to assemble tab and slot construction. Detailed, step-by-step instructions are also included. The finished structure measures approx. 2.50” by 1.50”



O. H. Wright & Co. Bartlet Building

*Precision laser cut parts including peel-and-stick backed windows and doors for easy assembly *Precision laser engraved siding and planking *Easy to assemble tab and slot construction *Detailed, step-by-step instructions are also included *Finished structure measures approximately 3.2" by 3.2"



Freight & Packing Structure

Precision laser cut parts including peel-and-stick backed windows and doors for easy assembly.--- Precision laser engraved siding and planking.--- Easy to assemble tab and slot construction.--- Detailed, step-by-step instructions --- This freight and packing structure can fit in a broad range of time scenes (1900 to current). Its common wood construction makes it at home on any North American Railroad. The structure features a substantial loading dock at both ends. It is well suited as a railroad storage facility or a rail and truck transportation hub. Its vented roof top allows adequate air flow for many types of storage or packing. This structure will require approximately 5" by 1.5" site space (footprint).



Fred's One Stop

This kit features: Precision laser cut parts including peel-n-stick backed windows for easy assembly.--- Precision pewter castings.--- High resolution graphics.--- Easy to assemble tab and slot construction.--- Do you remember the last time you were headed out of a small town and just before you got to the city limits there was an old worn out sign that said “last gas for 100 miles - 3 mile ahead”? Then, sure enough, after a few short miles, you came across an old gas station with a nearby house that looked like it had been there longer than the road itself...If so, welcome to Fred’s One Stop. It’s absolutely the last place on your way out of town where you can fill-up with gas, check the oil and tires, or maybe pick up a soft drink and a snack to make your trip just a bit more pleasurable. If you’ve got time, and are so inclined, you might even spend a few minutes talking to Fred over a game of checkers about the latest news in town, like the cat that was stuck up a tree for so long that the local firemen had to actually rescue it. Or maybe just rest in the shade while the kids play a quick game of horseshoes. Make Fred’s the last place you stop before getting to wherever it is you’re going. This finished structure measures 3.5" by 2.25."



N-Scale Train sets

Christmas Train Set

Set includes FT Locomotive, three 40' Hy-Cube Box Car, Single Door, 36' Steel Caboose. No Track or Power Supply.




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