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Dimensions (before extensions): 2.5" x 1.75" (63.5 x 44.5mm)

Description: Archistories produces an all new US kit for 2023! Nothing is more Americana than the look of a country barn. It defines rural America. We wanted to bring this look to your Z scale layouts with a kit that has unprecedented detail and quality. The kits represent too-scale larger barns. Each barn kit features:

* Weathered and etched board siding
* Hand airbrushed advertising
* Real rusted roof (each one is unique)
* Optional add-on extensions
* All parts are pre-colored. No painting required
* Detailed instructions

Archistories products are PRE-COLORED; they do not require any additional color treatment. The product images shown represent the colors as supplied. Kit of high quality colored rigid cardboard.

Detailed instructions are included.