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The Articulateds are the largest steam locomotives ever built. Starting as slow speed monsters hauling heavy trains over mountain ridges, they became a regular feature of many of the big Class 1 railroads, handling everything from slow drag freights, to fast time freights, and even were able to pinch hit on passenger trains. 


Let’s look back at the history of these steam giants, and also observe what is running todayGreat American Steam Locomotives: Articulateds DVD delves into the largest locomotives to ever roam the rails in America! 


This DVD presents: 

  • Columbia River Belt Line Skookum – the first articulated built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works 

  • Black Hill Central Railroad – one of America’s oldest tourist lines 

  • Western Maryland Scenic 1309 – the last Articulated built, which returned to service in 2020 

  • Union Pacific Challenger 3985 and Big Boy 4014 

  • And more!


Approximate run time: 90+ minutes

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