THIS IS AN ADD ON SET for the SS001-1, DOES NOT INCLUDE TRACK, TRAINS OR STAND Set contains: 1 x Metal roof farmer house 1 x Plastic Layout cover 1 Bag Each: Green Powder (dark green, brown & light green) 2 x Cow 2 x Tree (dark green, green & green) 1 Bag Each: Foilage (dark green, green & light green) 1 x Ballast (gray) 1 x Long Fence 2 x Crossing (Japan type) About the NEW Z Shorty series of trains… *Z Shorty length is almost half-size of original Z scale railroad cars! *Highly detailed appearance! *Some feature etched metal parts *Z Shorty can run on regular Z scale Rokuhan tracks with motor, chassis and trailer chassis (sold separately). *Smallest track size (160mm x 110 mm with R45 curved tracks)

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